After four years of iron-clad persistence and good arguments, Region Stavanger is proud to announce that it has signed with EFC to host the annual EUROCORR conference and exhibition in 2025, alongside longtime partners NKF, IFE, Equinor and UiS. 1000 guests and 70+ exhibitors will now join us in time for Stavanger’s 900th jubilee celebrations in three years.

EUROCORR is an annual pan-European conference run by the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC). Founded in 1955, the EFC is a federation representing 45 member organizations with a mission to promote R&D, knowledge and sustainability within all corrosion-related fields and disciplines. Its ongoing work culminates with the EUROCORR conference once a year – a conference renowned for its professional and social content.

It’s now coming back to Norway for the first time since 1997.

– Being able to host this fantastic event again is a huge win for us. We’ve had a very dedicated and persistent application committee hard at work making this a reality for four years, and we are extremely happy to welcome the EUROCORR conference back to Stavanger for the first time in over quarter of century. We have extensive plans for Stavanger’s most grandiose birthday celebration ever in 2025, and this will ensure that it will become even more spectacular, says Region Stavanger’s Conventions & Exhibitions Manager, Michelle Milas.

A PRESTIGEOUS COMEBACK: The EUROCORR conference is making a comeback in Norway for the first time since 1997, this time to Stavanger. IFE’s Rolf Lystad (left) and NKF’s Torfinn Havn (right) have been championing the efforts to land the conference back for years, and presented the region for the EFC in Berlin last month (Photo: Region Stavanger)

Festivities for the future
The Norwegian application was presented for the EFC in Berlin by Region Stavanger, Norsk Korrosjonsteknisk Forening (EKF) and Institutt for Energiteknikk (IFE), securing a majority vote win against competing countries like the UK and Austria. 

– Hosting a conference of these proportions is a great honor, and we couldn’t have done it without the great backing we received from the Region Stavanger team. It was a solid collaborative effort to make this happen, says Chairman of EKF, Torfinn Havn.

– This is also a significant event for the professionals, the science and sustainability in a world where resource management is becoming increasingly important. Norwegian engineers are already at the forefront in terms of research and applicable science when it comes to corrosion and materials used in marine technologies, oil and gas and renewables. Being a center point for all this will not just contribute to the professional EFC community, but highlight Norway as a sustainability partner on a global scale, he adds.

Would you like to know more about the event, to exhibit, participate or be an active contributor to Stavanger’s 900thjubilee year? Reach out to Conventions & Exhibitions Manager Michelle Milas at +49 11 68 34 or send an email to