Stavanger, Norway, is poised to be a bustling hub of intellectual exchange and innovation in the years 2024-2030, with a series of confirmed meetings spanning various industries and disciplines. From energy and technology to tourism, geodetics, and musicology, the city is set to host some of the most significant events in the coming decade. Let’s take a closer look at some ten confirmed meetings that promise to make Stavanger a focal point for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

  1. ONS 2024 (Offshore Northern Seas):
  • Scheduled for August 26-29, 2024, ONS is one of the world’s leading energy conferences. Stavanger’s role as the energy capital of Norway makes it the ideal host for this event, bringing together experts, innovators, and industry leaders to discuss the latest developments in the energy sector.
  1. Aquanext 2024:
  • Aquanext, set for October 15-18, 2024, focuses on advancements in aquatic sciences and technologies. Stavanger’s coastal location and commitment to sustainability align perfectly with the themes of this conference, attracting researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world.
  1. Nordic Edge 2024:
  • Running from September 24-26, 2024, Nordic Edge is a premier smart city conference. Stavanger’s commitment to smart and sustainable urban development makes it an excellent fit for this event, where discussions will revolve around creating smarter, more inclusive, and resilient cities.
  1. Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research 2024:
  • Taking place in November 2024, this symposium is a significant gathering for researchers and practitioners in the tourism and hospitality industry. Stavanger’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant tourism sector provide an inspiring backdrop for discussions on the latest trends and challenges in the field.
  1. The 5th International NCCS & EACS Conference 2024:
  • Scheduled for 24 – 25 April 2024 Nordic College of Caring Science (NCCS) is a society for Nordic researchers in Caring Science. The society promotes the development of Caring Science by support and dissemination of knowledge within the field of Caring Science, nationally and internationally. 
  1. Council of European Geodetic Surveyors 2024:
  • Geodetic experts and surveyors will converge in Stavanger from October 11-12, 2024. This event provides a platform for discussing geospatial technologies and their applications, emphasizing Stavanger’s significance in the geodetic community.
  1. EUROCORR 2025:
  • In September 2025, Stavanger will host Eurocorr, the European Corrosion Congress. Experts in corrosion science and engineering will gather to exchange knowledge on corrosion prevention and control, making Stavanger a pivotal location for this critical industry event.
  1. ESREL 2025 (European Safety and Reliability Conference):
  • Stavanger will host ESREL in September 2025, bringing together experts in safety and reliability from various industries. With a focus on risk analysis and management, the conference aligns with Stavanger’s commitment to safety in sectors such as energy, transportation, and technology.
  1. FIG Working Week 2027:
  • Scheduled for May/ June, 2027, the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Working Week is a key event for the global surveying community. Stavanger’s strong ties to geodetics and surveying make it an excellent venue for professionals to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the field.
  1. International Musicological Society 2027:
  • Musicologists and scholars will gather in Stavanger in July 2027 for the International Musicological Society Congress. Stavanger’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to the arts make it an ideal setting for discussions on musicology, history, and theory.

As Stavanger prepares to welcome delegates from around the world, these ten confirmed meetings underscore the city’s growing importance as a global destination for knowledge exchange, innovation, and collaboration across diverse fields. The decade ahead promises to be an exciting time for Stavanger, solidifying its reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking host for international conferences and events.

“In a bustling year for the Stavanger Region Convention Bureau, a multitude of confirmed meetings in the pipeline promises both economic prosperity for the entire region and a heightened allure for the city. Beyond financial gains, these gatherings serve as catalysts for international partnerships, facilitating knowledge exchange and amplifying the export of Norwegian innovation and competence. They not only mark milestones in our economic trajectory but also embody the vibrant spirit of collaboration shaping Stavanger into a global hub of progress and ingenuity.

Michelle Milas, manager conventions & exhibitions