We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of virtual venue tours and site inspections using the Matterport 3D.

The project, led by Region Stavanger and financed by the municipality of Stavanger, brings a highly valuable and convenient technological advantage, enabling organisers to explore the venues from the comfort of their distant location and offices. The tool is primarily meant for planners and organisers hosting events, conferences, and exhibitions.

Clarion Hotel Energy

The pandemic imposed lockdowns, travel restrictions, safety measures, etc. that significantly impacted our industry. The downtime of meetings and events sparked new projects that not only would be beneficial in a time where we all needed to stay away from each other.

The use of Matterport 3D for site inspections:

  • Allow for inspections earlier in the prosess
  • Saves time and resources for all parties
  • Economically and environmentally sustainable by reducing the cost and carbon footprint of physical site visits

The tool aims to be an alternative way of conducting introductionary and additional site inspections. It means more organisers can familiarize themselves with the venue of their event and plan more accurately. The use of rulers to measure surfaces and various features as well as moving around to look for emergency exits makes it valuable to plan events.

Forum Expo 1st floor

Launching this project was not without its hurdles. The imposed restrictions led to delays in scanning specific venues, such as the Stavanger Forum, which served as a vaccination site for the locals. Following a busy rebound period post-pandemic, finding the time and resources to finalize the project has been challanging.

Forum expo 2nd floor

Region Stavanger is now finalizing the details and will soon be happy to invite interested partners for a tour or site inspection of the venues. Feel free to get in touch if this is of interest.

As a convention bureau we need to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and exploit some of the endless opportunities in the market. Matterport is a good example and a very useful tool that saves time and resources. Not just for us and local stakeholders, but international clients.

Anette Larsen Bognø, Director of events Region Stavanger

Region Stavanger owns the equipment needed for scanning new venues. We therefore encourage local partners and members to get in touch if interested getting set up with a similar solution.