It’s easy to think that the Stavanger region is summarised as Edge of Norway™ solely due to its geographical location and renowned natural attractions like Preikestolen, Kjerag, and, not least, Jæren, which in old Norwegian means ‘edge.’ There are several spectacular landscapes and natural phenomena in the region that make it merit its title as the edge of Norway, even the edge of the world.

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Moonlike landscapes

You’d have to travel to the moon to find a landscape and geology similar to what you find in the Magma UNESCO Global Geopark. And in the sea beyond this lunar landscape, there’s the amphidromic point where tidal waves converge and neutralise each other.

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Location for Norway’s first settlements

The region is Norway’s outer edge facing the North Sea. Traces of some of the country’s earliest settlements have been discovered here. Norway was united into one kingdom here, and we’ve ventured out for a thousand years and the world has come to us. We’re known for a strong entrepreneurial spirit, for seizing opportunities and leveraging the resources around us. There’s no one here saying it can’t be done. On the contrary, we celebrate those who take chances, those with an extra drive and great determination.

Pushing boundaries and creating value

The atmosphere is refreshingly informal. We know that teamwork wins and take pride in what we achieve together. This has given us confidence, and prosperity, but also significant setbacks and challenges. We’re accustomed to managing change and risk. We push boundaries without being foolhardy or overconfident. It’s only natural that people worldwide come here to challenge their comfort zones, test new ideas, and create value. Here, they find like-minded individuals.

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People who appreciate freedom, quality, and enjoyment. It’s a cliché that there’s a short distance from work to the surfers’ paradise, the kayak, the hills, the fjords, the mountains, and the cliffs, but it’s true.

Edge of Norway™ include Kvitsøy – Randaberg – Stavanger – Sandnes – Sola – Gjesdal – Klepp – Time – Hå – Bjerkreim – Eigersund – Lund – Sokndal – Sirdal.

The new brand was put to the test through international tourist campaigns in 2023

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