Line works with all cruise-related matters in the Stavanger region – and boy is she passionate about this! At the heart of her responsibilities lies the development and coordination of a dynamic cruise network, today comprising 30 companies. The network strive to deepen the understanding of the industry, foster innovative collaborations, and boost local value creation through strategic marketing initiatives aimed at cruise companies.

Passionate history storyteller and striving for a fact-based media debate
There are numerous opinions about the cruise industry from different stakeholders, and many are based on feelings rather than facts. The most important part of Lines job is conveying facts from all sides of the industry; suppliers, shops, travel agents, cruiseliners and more. Bringing forward facts to the media debate is crucial to balance the public debate.

Line conveys stories and facts with passion, and her curious approach makes her an amazing diplomat between the different stakeholders.

I don’t thrive in a suit. It’s not me,” Line asserts. “I work in tourism, and this industry is about exploring new places and experiences, and, not least, having fun. Viking clothes are fun. They highlight what I think are the most important things: being honest, being authentic, and being a good storyteller of our Norwegian heritage.”

“Conveying is in my core; it’s what makes me who I am!”

Line Murphy – Cruise Manager

Line uses her voice to highlight the things in life she cares most about. Whether it’s debunking myths about the cruise calls in Stavanger, sharing her knowledge about history, or simply expressing her passion for the Stavanger region and all the great people who work there.

With over 10 years’ experience in previous jobs working as a local shore excursions provider, working daily with logistics and meeting a lot of cruise guests has given Line a good take on what untapped potential there are for local companies and for cruise lines as well. For product development, additional sales and, not least, the potential for cooperation between companies and, not least, destinations and cruise lines.

Whatever Line does in life, she does it with 100% passion. She cannot have a job she doesn’t believe in and isn’t passionate about. Being in a job where she can make a difference is crucial for her, even though it may be small; it still matters.

Becoming the No1 Destination on Crew Hospitality
One of the goals for Line is to work towards Stavanger becoming No 1 in Norway in taking care of cruise crew and offering them a wide selection of offers. The crew onboard the ships are great ambassadors for the region and therefore important to take good care of.

One of the tours offered is a tailored city walk with the cruise manager herself in action, or the Viking Queen, as we like to call her. The tour emphasizes all the possibilities there are to do for them as crew and options to convey to the guests, but just as important is having some fun while exploring the city.

Viking Queen and History Geek
In the dynamic world tourism, few stand out like Line Murphy, the Viking Queen of our team. With a career that spans continents and industries, Line’s expertise is as vast as it is impressive. Line’s journey began in the historical heart of Norway, where her Viking spirit took root.

With a background in environmental science, she forged her path through the corporate world, making significant strides in sustainability and business development.

After working with Guidecompaniet where she developed and got good use of her historical knowledge and passion, Line then took use of her entrepreneurial spirit and founded Viking House with her history colleague Baard Titlestad in 2017, with a vision of offering world-class storytelling about the Viking age.

Line is a live viking and history encycopedia and loves getting in her Viking costume. She not only gets to use her historical interest at work, but spend evenings searching for historical objects through her hobby metal detecting, and has numerous deliveries of historical artifacts to the Museum of Archaeology.

Green Queen – making sure Region Stavanger stays on the green path
A passionate advocate for sustainability, Line has dedicated much of her career to promoting environmentally responsible practices. Her work in renewable energy and sustainable business models has not only garnered industry recognition but also set new standards for corporate responsibility. She believes in the power of green innovation to transform industries and create a better future. In Region Stavanger, Line has made sure that the company maintained the Eco-lighthouse certification.

What truly sets Line apart is her inspirational way of being. She embodies the spirit of a Viking Queen with her fierce determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment to her team. Her ability to motivate and empower those around her has led to countless successes and a strong, cohesive team culture.

We are incredibly proud to have Line Murphy on our team. Her Viking spirit and dedication to sustainability make her not just an expert, but a true inspiration in every sense.  Line and her remarkable contributions to our team and the broader industry already has made a difference.

If you have any questions related to the cruise industry – good or bad, or just want to discuss Viking topics or metal detectoring, feel free to contact Line.
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